Gillette’s Venus Breeze Razor: Good or a Disappointment?

Gillette’s newest razor, the Venus Breeze, breeze or bust, you decide. Description: Color :Light purple. Length from handle to razor head: 6″. Razor head measurements: 1 3/4″ by 1 1/2″ It has shaving gel built into its 3 blade head, and also has conditioning strips. Extremely light weight and ergonomically friendly with its rubberized gripping handle.

Cost: Lets be real, if we like a razor, the cost really doesn’t come that much into play, but those who need to know.. $8-$10 depending on where you live, for the razor itself. Refill cartridges run just over $20 for a package of 8.

First thoughts: No need for shaving gel? I could get used to that, think of all the time I can save in the shower. I loved the fact that it wasn’t nearly as heavy as my previous razor, and of course, with its light purple color I wouldn’t have to worry about my husband toting it around with him during his weekends out with the boys hunting and fishing. Time to put it to the test, into the shower I go.

Legs: The shaving gel provided on the razor was more than enough to give my legs that nice clean, smooth shave. I found myself double checking all the way, could it really be this easy? At first, yes, until I realized I missed some spots because I didn’t have my shaving gel on my legs to mark where I had already shaved and where I hadn’t. Chalked it up to having to get used to the razor and change my old habits.

Knees: This area was not so easy. The shaving gel didn’t seem to work as well here. Legs straight, it worked fine, but when I bent my knee to get all those other pesky little hairs, the gel just didn’t roll with the razor.

Armpit: This was a disappointment. With the razor head being much wider than your typical razor, it was hard to do. It applied more than enough shaving gel to this area, but just couldn’t get the razor to shave this concave area. I tried many arm positions, straight up, behind my head, stretching back behind me, almost thought I was doing yoga in the shower for a minute, but still had no luck. Ended up having to touch up this area with my ‘other’ razor.

Bikini Area: Perhaps the most important area of all now that summer is upon us. I found that it performed excellent in the main, not to close to the legs area, but as I progressed, the razor didn’t. Trying to get in close anywhere with this razor is nearly impossible with its larger razor head, and don’t even think that you are going to shave it all off! You need precisive movements here, and you just can’t achieve this with this razor.

Arms: Yes, I really do shave my arms! I found this was a very easy task to do with this razor. Was I getting used to it? Not really, I discovered that it was just because I could see my arms better than my legs. It worked great, picked up all the little fine hairs that are usually harder to shave. Once again, I found it did a good job in this area, but like the knees, had trouble around the elbow.

First use impression: The Venus Breeze made light work of shaving legs and arms, but the other tasks were difficult. The gel was a pleasant fruity smell that left my legs and arms feeling soft and smooth. The gel however, being applied as I was showering and shaving, made the handle slippery. I found myself having to rinse the handle off so I wouldn’t drop it. More than willing to give it another try though, because it did perform very well in certain areas.

Final impression: After a few attempts, I did get used to using this razor. I still had problems shaving the armpits and bikini area though. Just can’t get it to perform in tight places. The shaving gel on the razor only lasted for 4 shaving sessions, with gel that was never used hanging on the back of it, though the blades still worked perfectly. You can break off the shaving gel strips, but it will still leave you with a larger than normal razor head, measuring 5/8″ high versus the typical 1/2″. May not seem like much, but once again, its alot if you are shaving those delicate areas.

I personally wouldn’t use this razor again for myself unless I was traveling somewhere in the winter where I wouldn’t have to worry about my bikini area or my arm pits. However, I think that this would be a great ‘first time’ razor for my daughters when it is time for them to shave their legs. I think the shaving gel already being on there would make them apt not to apply as much pressure, and would help them avoid those first time nicks and cuts. Besides, who knows, maybe in there young, flexible state, they could get it to work for their armpits too, but this momma just isn’t that flexible!

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