Gillette Venus Embrace, Fusion Power, and Gillette Series and Satin Care Shave Gels

Gillette Venus Embrace & Satin Care Gel

The new Gillette Venus Embrace promises “dramatically smoother skin.” Both our adult and teen testers agree this five blade razor delivers on that promise and then some. Our teen tester says this benefit and the lack of bumps or irritation after shaving is why she prefers the Embrace over her usual disposable brands. Our adult tester is accustomed to another Venus model but preferred the Embrace’s “ribbon of moisture” that surrounds the blades and the grippable gel material handle. Easy shower storage was a plus for both ladies. A suction cup “pod” snuggly grips the shower wall for safe, convenient storage of the razor itself, as well as new refill cartridges. The refills are tightly sealed but easy to open, even in wet conditions. Our adult tester finds the new Satin Care Alluring Avocado shave gel to have a “delicious scent” of jasmine and citrus blossoms, while our teen tester chose to stay with a product she already uses, Satin Care’s Vanilla Dream. No need to shake the can – both dispense as a creamy gel and quickly turn to a rich, moisturizing lather. Our testers highly recommend the Embrace and the Satin Care gel for the smoothest, softest legs ever.

Gillette Fusion Power & Gillette Series Gel

Our adult male tester says the Gillette Fusion Power is the best disposable he has ever used, giving the best overall shave and smoothness of any he has tried. He backs up Gillette’s claims that shavers will “barely feel the blades” in its Fusion Power and that it gives Gillette’s “most comfortable shave.” Our tester agrees the battery powered 5-blade razor gives the soothing sensation of a costly electric version. He also loves the comfortably shaped handle but was most impressed by the cool bonus feature, a built-in trimmer on the back of the blade, perfect for sideburns and other difficult areas. Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Shave Gel is our tester’s usual product of choice, so this is what he is using with his new Fusion. He says he finds this gel to be better at keeping his skin from feeling overly dry after shaving and protects better from the razor burn he is prone to getting with other creams and gels. With this dynamic combo, our smooth and smiling gentleman says he has achieved a close and comfortable shave that has lasted longer than his old standard razor has ever given.

We find the Gillette Fusion to be about $12 for one razor, one 5-blade cartridge, and one battery. Gillette Series gel 7oz cans average $3 each. Average prices are also $12 for the Embrace with a shower pod and 2 cartridges and $3 for the 7oz Satin Care gel. Our testers all agree that the men’s and women’s series from Gillette are well worth these affordable prices for such the close shave and deeply moisturizing comfort they have found. All products can be purchased locally at Walgreens and Wal-Mart, as well as

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