Gillette Venus Disposables Versus Schick Intuition Razors

Finding a good razor is harder than it seems. A bad razor can leave you with irritation, cuts, patches of missed hair, and even stubble from not having a close enough shave . Bad razors, therefore, often require you to shave twice as frequently as a good razor would. Two very popular and highly advertised razor brands that I have tried are Gillette Venus Disposables and Schick Intuition.

Gillette Venus Disposables are advertised for their smooth, clean shave and flexible head that conforms to your curves. Unlike most shaving products, everything that has been advertised about them I have found to be true. They are very easy to use, with their rubber, easy to hold handles. The handles are shaped so that they easily conform to your hands. The sides have rubber no-slip grips on the sides to avoid dropping them in the shower, and to keep them from slipping mid-shave and causing those dreaded cuts.

The pivoting head, however, is perhaps the best feature of Gillette Venus Disposables. It makes shaving along curves and tricky areas a breeze. Stiff-headed razors make places such as armpits, knees, and bikini lines a nightmare, you are almost guaranteed to come away with some nicks. The Gillette Venus razor heads bend as you move along your curves and creases, allowing smooth streaks of shaving with no cuts. Another thing that helps this is the moisture strip which protects your skin and decreases irritation.

The Gillette Venus Disposables also offer a very clean shave. It has three razor blades, and allows you to get a close shave without the nicks and burns. Though they are disposables, they are very durable. Usually one will last about 3-4 weeks, which is much longer than most razors I have used. And, they are cheap. A three-pack will cost you about 6-8 dollars, which is a great deal.

If you plan on traveling with these razors, they do come with a slip on plastic cover. But, they do not stay on very well, which can be irritating when packing or unpacking. They are also a pain to find when they have come off in the bath/shower. But, overall they are a great deal.

Another razor that I have tried, but without as much success, is the Schick Intuition. The popular thing about these razors is that they come with a built in moisturizing bar, which helps to make shaving much quicker and less painful. They even have different types of soap refills, including one for sensitive skin, which I personally like. The problem with the attached soap bar, however, is that it makes the head of the razor much bigger and can make shaving more difficult when going over small areas (behind the knees, around the ankles, etc.). For all other areas, though, it provides a very smooth, lasting shave.

The greatest downside about the Schick Intuition razors is that they do not last very long. For me, one of these razors will usually last about a week, maybe a week and a half, if I’m lucky. This would not be such a problem, however, if only they were not so expensive. Usually you can buy a Schick Intuition razor with a spare attachment for 9-10 dollars, and the replacement packs of 3 cost a little more. While they are very convenient to change, it is easy to run out of them quickly. You usually need to have some shaving cream for back up, just in case.

If money is not really an issue for you, and you are looking for a very fast and easy shaving method, or just trying to avoid shaving creams, then the Schick Intuition razors are great for getting the job done. But, on the whole, the Venus Gillette Disposables are much more affordable and reliable.

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