Gillette Venus Bikini Kit: Perfect Razor for Sensitive Skin

Summertime is all about fun, sun, travel and the beach, but for many women, it can also mean razor burn, cuts and irritation from all the shaving that is necessary during the warm weather. If you’re frustrated by nicks, bumps and rash that occur when shaving your arms, legs and the delicate bikini area, I feel your pain. I have very sensitive skin and for years I searched for a razor that would remove unwanted hair without irritation and frankly, my usual razor (Schik Silk Effects) didn’t cut it anymore. I decided to try the Gillette Venus Bikini Razor Kit, and I’m so glad I did. Gillette Venus Bikini Kit exceeded my expectations and gave me the smooth close shave I desired without any painful cuts or burns.

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit Perfect Razor for Sensitive Skin

This summer, I was looking for a razor that would give me a close shave for hot weather without the usual headaches of nicks, burns and painful skin irritation. My usual razor of choice (Schik Silk Effects) was kind to my skin but just not giving me a close enough shave anymore, and it didn’t really work for the sensitive bikini area. So I roamed the aisles of my local Wal-Mart scanning the women’s razors until one in particular caught my eye: Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. I was a bit skeptical that Gillette Venus Bikini Kit would work for my sensitive skin, but I purchased it anyway and tried it out at home.

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit contains three separate products bundled together that all complement each other to remove hair and create a smooth look for bikini-ready bare skin: the Venus Embrace razor, the Venus Bikini Trimmer and Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion. Shaving with the Venus Embrace razor included in the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit is the first step toward becoming bikini ready. In all my years of shaving, Venus Embrace is hands down the best razor I have ever used.

This razor has five blades for the closest shave possible and I appreciated the protective moisture ribbon which seems to make the Venus Embrace glide effortlessly across the skin. In no time at all, I removed unwanted hair from my legs, arms and bikini area very efficiently with Venus Embrace and there were no unwanted cuts, scratches or razor burns. I like the way the razor fits in my hand and how the head pivoted to reach those hard to shave places.

The Venus Bikini Trimmer is step two of the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. I was a bit doubtful about this part of the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit, fearing this trimmer would tear or cut my skin as it removed unwanted hair on and around the bikini line. But there were no worries as Venus Bikini Trimmer gently glided over my bikini area, quickly removing undesired hair better than scissors or a razor.

The final step to bikini ready summer skin is Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion, bundled with the other two products in the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. I didn’t really feel like I needed to moisturize after the close but pain free shave and trim, but it’s nice that Gillette Venus Bikini Kit offered this product with the hair removal tools. Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion soothed and moisturized my shaved skin and left me feeling ready to bare myself for bikinis and those revealing summer fashions.

Where to Buy Gillette Venus Bikini Kit

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit is available at drugstores and grocery stores nationwide, and I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for $8.94. It is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time and well worth the money. I can’t believe such an outstanding product like Gillette Venus Bikini Kit costs less than ten dollars.

If you have sensitive skin and want to be bikini ready for the summer season, consider Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. This amazing product will have you ready to bare your skin in no time at all, without the hassle of unwanted nicks, cuts and razor irritation.

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