Gillette Satin Care Alluring Avocado Shaving Gel Review

For women, shaving our legs is a weekly accordance. And although I do not enjoy this particular part of being a woman, I do it as I prefer clean shaven legs. To be honest, shaving my legs is something I would just assume not do. But as I enjoy clean shaved legs, I want the products I use to not only feel good on my skin but also want the shaving gel to smell good as well. There are so many times that I want a shaving gel that will be gentle on my skin and yet allow my razor to shave the hair. I want my shaving gel to keep my legs conditioned and not get dried out. I have found that when I use the Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel, I get all the things I want out of a shaving gel.

When I was a kid I often times didn’t use shaving gel and used soap and water instead. When I did this, I usually ended up getting dry skin or rashes on my skin. This often times took weeks of adding lotion to my skin to get my legs back to where they were before I used soap and water. Usually, it is during these times, I tell myself that I will never use soap and water again, and that from here on out, I will only use shaving gel.

I love Gillette shaving gel for so many reasons. The biggest reason is that it feel so good on my legs. As soon as I put the gel in my hands, it has a greenish look to it. It quickly turns into foam as soon as I start rubbing in the gel on my legs.

After I lather the foam on my legs, I am immediately aware how good my legs feel with the foam on. Shaving my legs is as easy as one two three. I have no problem with nicks or rashes as this gel which turns to foam is completely easy to use.

I love the container which comes in a 7 ounce bottle. It is big enough that it will last me at least a month. That is long enough in my book. I do tend to get rust on the top rim but other than that the bottle is fine.

The wonderful thing about this shaving gel is the smell. There is a mixture of smells which are probably a mix aloe, orange blossom, and jasmine. As soon as I wipe my legs clean, there is already a sweet smell that is left behind. That smell alone will keep me buying this shaving gel.


Make sure to use shaving gel with shaving legs.

Make sure to use a lotion on your legs after you shave your legs.

Always use a sharp razor to prevent nicks and scratches.

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