Gillette ProGlide Power Razor

Now as a man I won’t claim to do any of the shopping in my house. My significant other handle’s all that stuff and she loves to buy me new stuff especially when it comes to buying new products on the market when she has a coupon an can save a couple of bucks. She thinks I am wasteful.

The Gillette ProGlide Power Razor really delivered! I shaved in the shower and it had a nice handle with a really good gripe. It came with a plastic razor stand which might be nice for some of you that may need it.

I have found that when shaving under normal conditions, meaning one day growth you will not want to use the power feature. It’s too much and there is no need for it. I have found it was useful when I was being a bum for the weekend and let my growth go for the weekend then it came in handy, but to be honest the normal shaving would have just been as effective as the blades are good on this shaver. They are light weight, thin, and sharp and offer a close shave even without the power feature on.

My hair grows in fairly thick and I noticed sometimes I would have a “catch” in the blades when the power features was on. This “catch” would make me feel as if the hairs were being pulled. So my suggestion is either do not wait a weekend to shave using this razor or do not use the power feature after waiting so long to shave. I know I had lathered up properly because I am old enough to have a pet dinosaur.

The one thing I did notice on the weekend shave was the razor got pretty clogged up even with repeated rinsing. I think this is why I kept feeling those “catches”. So once again I am pretty disappointed in a razor. I mean can’t a man be lazy for a weekend and not shave and not have to deal with razor hang up?

All in all I rate this razor about 6. If I had to rate it for weekend performance it would only rate about a 3.

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