Gillette Mach3 Turbo Shaving System Review

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor is the best shaving set in the town exclusively designed for the macho man. This is ergonomically and functionally the best. There is no doubt that this is the most popular disposable razor and it is safe to use. With this, I can try various new styles and shape my beard to suit my personality effortlessly. I value my looks and strongly believe that my beard adds a lot impression to my personality. My girl friend adores this gizmo like anything. Be it clean shave or French beard, you can get yourself groomed instantly without any stress and pain.

My skin is receptive and something like a slight scratch would show up like a scare. So I have to be very cautious while selecting the shaving system. For this reason I trust the Gillette Mach3 Turbo and will not replace it for any other advanced gadget. There is probably nothing that I can expect more in a shaving razor. This is highly functional and does its job with utmost perfection. This shaves smoothly and slide freely over the surface like a free floating device without facing any obstruction. My jaw after a shave dazzles brilliantly and I can notice those looks filled with admiration around me.

Before using Mach3, I had been with Gillette Sensor and never thought that they could come up with a better razor. I like the way they continuously upgrade their products to meet the changing need and style of modern self thinking man. This razor evenly shaves the surface and gives the desired results. This comes with 3 consecutively arranged special blades that facilitate in even shaving. These are unique blades that work against friction and shows improved efficiency while shaving opposite to the grain. This does not cause any sort of skin irritation.

The only reason why it couldn’t penetrate across all markets is that the blades have to be changed frequently. The blades are not durable and it is sad that only fresh blades give a neat work. This comes to about $20 monthly and affordability is a big question. This comes with a indicator strip that sends you signal some time before the blade wears out. When the strip turns blue, it is time for you to change the blade. This is not comfortable to shave the lower jaw. I have to repeatedly run the blade and get scratches and cuts.

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