Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor for Men? Or Not

Walgreen’s drugstore had another one of their amazing offers on. I purchased the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor that retails for $9.89, for $4.89, and they honored a coupon, in the Sunday newspaper, for a further $4 off. The cost to me just 89 cents.

My husband Len has an electric shaver, and I tend to buy the throw away kind, so this one is for me. It makes no difference if a product, such as this is for a man, I have three areas that need a good razor.

Before even opening the sealed packaging, I liked the fact that it has a Duracell AAA battery included. Now I feel as if I got the product for free, as most products do not include batteries.

It states on the packaging the it is ‘New’, and has ‘Thinner blades for incredible comfort’.

As soon as I got it out of the packaging, with a box cutter, the razor is set in a sturdy hard plastic stand.

I looked at the card that came with it, and it has directions and pictures of how to insert the battery. It only takes a twist to the right, near the bottom of the handle, to open the area, and put it in. It also shows on this card how easy it is to change the cartridge.

Believe it or not, I have purchased the Gillette Fusion shaving gel in the past, but this time I have the Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel, in Alluring Avocado.

I showered first, and then came out of my shower stall. The light is bad in there, so I sit on the toilet and shave the areas, that a lady needs to shave.

Under my arms were still wet, so I used a tiny amount of the shaving gel, and then picked up the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor. I pressed the power button, in the middle of the handle, and the blue light came on in this area. I heard the buzzing noise, and the razor vibrated slightly.

I then brought it under my left armpit, and gently pulled it downwards. I did this twice, and then felt the area. It was completely free of hair. I then did the same with the other one. I rinsed off the head of the razor.

Next was my bikini area, and this has hard stubble. I personally think that this area is harder on a razor, than the stubble on a man’s face. After applying the shave gel, I switched the razor on, and allowed it to go over the area. At the top, inside of the leg, is a difficult area to remove all the hair, but Gillette came up trumps. My skin felt smooth, and was the cleanest it has looked in a long time. As I was performing this action, I rinsed off the head of the razor often.

The final test was my legs. I wet them, and applied the gel, and then powered on the razor. I can honestly say that I didn’t feel a thing. It almost felt as if it was coming off on it’s own. There was no rubbing against the skin, nicking of the skin, or very little contact. I am not sure if the layer of Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel shielded it, but I couldn’t feel a thing.

It does state on their website that if you have difficult hair, then as well as going with the hair, you can use the razor against the hair, for a closer shave. I didn’t have to do this as it worked great first time.

A little more about the razor from their website:
“The new Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ Power Razor has re-engineered blades with edges that are thinner than Fusion. They are finished with Gillette’s most advanced low-resistance coating, which allows the blades to glide effortlessly through hair. Providing incredible comfort, even if you shave everyday.”

There are 5 blades in the cartridge and it has it’s own lubrastrip too. The razor is silver, black, gray, and blue. It has a really good rubber grip to it, so no fear of it sliding, or moving once you have started shaving.

Len hasn’t even seen it, and he isn’t going to. This is my razor, and I am loving it.

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