Gillette Sensor 3 – The Best, Inexpensive Razor You Can Get

Believe it or not, this inexpensive disposable razor is the best gillette razor I have ever used. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a product review. I haven’t really come across any new products that I’ve felt like writing about. Well, as silly as it seems, when I discovered Gillette Sensor 3, I was actually inspired to tell people about this awesome razor.

I had gone about a month without shaving before the first time I used a Sensor 3. Since I’m the kind of guy who actually has a five o’ clock shadow at five o’ clock, going a month without shaving produces a beard that would put Grizzly Adams to shame. The reason I stopped shaving in the first place was because I was just sick of it. I absolutely could not find a razor that didn’t hack my face to pieces. Well, one day a friend of mine was at my place, and he accidentally left some of his razors behind. I needed a shave badly, and I hadn’t bought any razors in while, so I figured he wouldn’t mind if I used one of his. I couldn’t believe how easily this razor cut through my thick beard without slicing up my face. I called him immediately after and asked him what kind of razor he used. He said he didn’t know. He told me that he just picked up some disposable razors at the store.

It turns out that the disposable razors he purchased were Gillette Sensor 3’s. I was in shock that a disposable razor could work so well. Usually I use two disposable razors just for one shave, and then I toss them in the garbage. However, with the Gillette Sensor 3 I am able to shave with it 3 or 4 times before it becomes dull. The best part, is that you can buy a package of three Gillette Sensor 3’s for about $4.00.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking that maybe this razor seems so great to me because I’ve never used a decent blade before. Well, I can assure you that is not the case. Before I switched to the Sensor 3 I was using a Schick Quattro. You know, the razor with four blades and the big comfy handle. I have also used the Mach 3. I can emphatically say that the Gillette Sensor 3 is leaps and bounds better than these other top-of-the-line razors. If you’ve been thinking about switching to a new blade, I highly suggest that you try the Gillette Sensor 3.

Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Vs Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

I have always had sensitive skin and have had to use products that were either super gentle or specially formulated for sensitive skin in order to avoid skin irritation. Ever since I started shaving my legs as a teen, I knew that I couldn’t use just any razor or any type of shave gel. In the past, I’ve used soap and water as my “shave gel,” but after years of not-so-smooth shaves, I decided to find a high quality shave gel that would help me get my legs silky smooth without causing itching and soreness from harsh chemicals. I tried numerous shave gels and finally narrowed my favorites down to two products: Gillette Satin Care Cooling Sensation Shave Gel and Aveeno Therapeutic Natural Shave Gel with Colloidal Oatmeal.

After using each product for a 2 -3 week period of time, I came to the conclusion that both products are high quality, far superior to shaving with merely soap and water, and don’t cause skin irritation in the least. The Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel contains menthol and eucalyptus which are intended to provide a cool, soothing sensation. The addition of these two ingredients is also supposed to leave the skin feeling softer, smoother and more refreshed. I must admit that the product works as it was intended and it actually does soothe my skin, make it smoother and prevent irritation. Although this particular shave gel is not created specifically for sensitive skin, I found that I could tolerate it without a problem. The only thing that I don’t particularly like about the Gillette shave gel is really the fragrance'”I’m not a big fan of the smell of menthol'”but I don’t mind smelling it if it means attaining a smooth, close shave without the annoying irritation that so many other shaving gels cause.

The Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel is also a terrific product. What I noticed immediately is that there was no strong menthol fragrance as this particular product if fragrance-free. A pleasant fragrance would be nice, but no fragrance at all is better than an unpleasant fragrance in my opinion. Another thing that’s comforting about the Aveeno shave gel is the fact that it is specifically created for those with sensitive skin. I know that the harsh products that many regular shave gels contain are not present in this product ,which means there’s less of a chance of irritation occurring. Like the Gillette product, the Aveeno shave gel also helps me to attain the close, smooth, silky shave that I desire. I also like the fact that the Aveeno product contains colloidal oatmeal because if my legs are itchy, which they are at times due to dry skin, the itching is relieved by this shave gel.

I would purchase either of these products again in the future whenever I am in need of shave gel. Although I prefer the Aveeno product because there’s no unpleasant scent, due to the fact that it is $4 – $5 more expensive than the Gillette product, I will probably purchase the Gillette product more often since it performs just as optimally. If you’re looking for a high quality shave gel, I would recommend either of these wonderful products, but of course your final decision would depend on what you’re looking for. No matter which product you choose, I’m quite sure that you’ll be very satisfied with your choice.

Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream Review

Money’s been a little tight around my house lately, so like a lot of consumers, I’ve been trying to use up various products I have lying around my house instead of going out and buying new ones. I ran out of my normal shaving cream recently, but when I looked in my bathroom closed I found a can of Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream that I had received for free as part of an in-store promotion when I bought a new razor a few months earlier. Normally, I prefer shaving cream that comes in a tube or a tub instead of a can, but in the spirit of being frugal, I decided I would use the Gillette shaving cream before purchasing any more.

The first thing I noticed about the Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream was that it came out of the can as a thick gel instead of a fluffy foam like other shaving creams I’ve tried. I liked this as I prefer a thicker shaving product. As I applied the Gillette Fusion shaving cream to my face, it lathered up quickly and had a slightly cool sensation. The Gillette product definitely lathered up thinner than my usual shaving cream, and at first I wasn’t sure I liked that since that is what I switched to a more expensive shaving product in the first place.

As I began to shave, I noticed the Gillette Fusion cream seemed to work very well with my Fusion razor (which makes sense since they’re both made by the same company). My razor seemed to slide across my skin easier than with my normal shaving product, and it definitely rinsed off of my razor easier in between shaving strokes. Once I was done shaving, I noticed that it felt like I got a closer shave with the Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream than my normal shaving cream. My skin also felt refreshingly moisturized, whereas my normal shaving cream leaves my skin feeling a little dry when I am done.

In the end, I really liked the Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream, and would highly recommend it to other men. It provided a close and comfortable shaving experience, and I didn’t have to use a lot of the shaving cream to cover my face, so the can ended up lasting a very long time. Plus, the Gillette Fusion shaving cream is definitely cheaper than my normal shaving product, and anything that I can do to save money right now is alright in my book. Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream can be found at pharmacies, groceries, and mass market retailers like Target and Wal-Mart nationwide. For more information about the Gillette Fusion product line, visit the website listed in the resources section of this article.

Gillette Satin Care Alluring Avocado Shaving Gel Review

For women, shaving our legs is a weekly accordance. And although I do not enjoy this particular part of being a woman, I do it as I prefer clean shaven legs. To be honest, shaving my legs is something I would just assume not do. But as I enjoy clean shaved legs, I want the products I use to not only feel good on my skin but also want the shaving gel to smell good as well. There are so many times that I want a shaving gel that will be gentle on my skin and yet allow my razor to shave the hair. I want my shaving gel to keep my legs conditioned and not get dried out. I have found that when I use the Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel, I get all the things I want out of a shaving gel.

When I was a kid I often times didn’t use shaving gel and used soap and water instead. When I did this, I usually ended up getting dry skin or rashes on my skin. This often times took weeks of adding lotion to my skin to get my legs back to where they were before I used soap and water. Usually, it is during these times, I tell myself that I will never use soap and water again, and that from here on out, I will only use shaving gel.

I love Gillette shaving gel for so many reasons. The biggest reason is that it feel so good on my legs. As soon as I put the gel in my hands, it has a greenish look to it. It quickly turns into foam as soon as I start rubbing in the gel on my legs.

After I lather the foam on my legs, I am immediately aware how good my legs feel with the foam on. Shaving my legs is as easy as one two three. I have no problem with nicks or rashes as this gel which turns to foam is completely easy to use.

I love the container which comes in a 7 ounce bottle. It is big enough that it will last me at least a month. That is long enough in my book. I do tend to get rust on the top rim but other than that the bottle is fine.

The wonderful thing about this shaving gel is the smell. There is a mixture of smells which are probably a mix aloe, orange blossom, and jasmine. As soon as I wipe my legs clean, there is already a sweet smell that is left behind. That smell alone will keep me buying this shaving gel.


Make sure to use shaving gel with shaving legs.

Make sure to use a lotion on your legs after you shave your legs.

Always use a sharp razor to prevent nicks and scratches.

Gillette ProGlide Power Razor

Now as a man I won’t claim to do any of the shopping in my house. My significant other handle’s all that stuff and she loves to buy me new stuff especially when it comes to buying new products on the market when she has a coupon an can save a couple of bucks. She thinks I am wasteful.

The Gillette ProGlide Power Razor really delivered! I shaved in the shower and it had a nice handle with a really good gripe. It came with a plastic razor stand which might be nice for some of you that may need it.

I have found that when shaving under normal conditions, meaning one day growth you will not want to use the power feature. It’s too much and there is no need for it. I have found it was useful when I was being a bum for the weekend and let my growth go for the weekend then it came in handy, but to be honest the normal shaving would have just been as effective as the blades are good on this shaver. They are light weight, thin, and sharp and offer a close shave even without the power feature on.

My hair grows in fairly thick and I noticed sometimes I would have a “catch” in the blades when the power features was on. This “catch” would make me feel as if the hairs were being pulled. So my suggestion is either do not wait a weekend to shave using this razor or do not use the power feature after waiting so long to shave. I know I had lathered up properly because I am old enough to have a pet dinosaur.

The one thing I did notice on the weekend shave was the razor got pretty clogged up even with repeated rinsing. I think this is why I kept feeling those “catches”. So once again I am pretty disappointed in a razor. I mean can’t a man be lazy for a weekend and not shave and not have to deal with razor hang up?

All in all I rate this razor about 6. If I had to rate it for weekend performance it would only rate about a 3.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Shaving System Review

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor is the best shaving set in the town exclusively designed for the macho man. This is ergonomically and functionally the best. There is no doubt that this is the most popular disposable razor and it is safe to use. With this, I can try various new styles and shape my beard to suit my personality effortlessly. I value my looks and strongly believe that my beard adds a lot impression to my personality. My girl friend adores this gizmo like anything. Be it clean shave or French beard, you can get yourself groomed instantly without any stress and pain.

My skin is receptive and something like a slight scratch would show up like a scare. So I have to be very cautious while selecting the shaving system. For this reason I trust the Gillette Mach3 Turbo and will not replace it for any other advanced gadget. There is probably nothing that I can expect more in a shaving razor. This is highly functional and does its job with utmost perfection. This shaves smoothly and slide freely over the surface like a free floating device without facing any obstruction. My jaw after a shave dazzles brilliantly and I can notice those looks filled with admiration around me.

Before using Mach3, I had been with Gillette Sensor and never thought that they could come up with a better razor. I like the way they continuously upgrade their products to meet the changing need and style of modern self thinking man. This razor evenly shaves the surface and gives the desired results. This comes with 3 consecutively arranged special blades that facilitate in even shaving. These are unique blades that work against friction and shows improved efficiency while shaving opposite to the grain. This does not cause any sort of skin irritation.

The only reason why it couldn’t penetrate across all markets is that the blades have to be changed frequently. The blades are not durable and it is sad that only fresh blades give a neat work. This comes to about $20 monthly and affordability is a big question. This comes with a indicator strip that sends you signal some time before the blade wears out. When the strip turns blue, it is time for you to change the blade. This is not comfortable to shave the lower jaw. I have to repeatedly run the blade and get scratches and cuts.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor for Men? Or Not

Walgreen’s drugstore had another one of their amazing offers on. I purchased the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor that retails for $9.89, for $4.89, and they honored a coupon, in the Sunday newspaper, for a further $4 off. The cost to me just 89 cents.

My husband Len has an electric shaver, and I tend to buy the throw away kind, so this one is for me. It makes no difference if a product, such as this is for a man, I have three areas that need a good razor.

Before even opening the sealed packaging, I liked the fact that it has a Duracell AAA battery included. Now I feel as if I got the product for free, as most products do not include batteries.

It states on the packaging the it is ‘New’, and has ‘Thinner blades for incredible comfort’.

As soon as I got it out of the packaging, with a box cutter, the razor is set in a sturdy hard plastic stand.

I looked at the card that came with it, and it has directions and pictures of how to insert the battery. It only takes a twist to the right, near the bottom of the handle, to open the area, and put it in. It also shows on this card how easy it is to change the cartridge.

Believe it or not, I have purchased the Gillette Fusion shaving gel in the past, but this time I have the Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel, in Alluring Avocado.

I showered first, and then came out of my shower stall. The light is bad in there, so I sit on the toilet and shave the areas, that a lady needs to shave.

Under my arms were still wet, so I used a tiny amount of the shaving gel, and then picked up the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor. I pressed the power button, in the middle of the handle, and the blue light came on in this area. I heard the buzzing noise, and the razor vibrated slightly.

I then brought it under my left armpit, and gently pulled it downwards. I did this twice, and then felt the area. It was completely free of hair. I then did the same with the other one. I rinsed off the head of the razor.

Next was my bikini area, and this has hard stubble. I personally think that this area is harder on a razor, than the stubble on a man’s face. After applying the shave gel, I switched the razor on, and allowed it to go over the area. At the top, inside of the leg, is a difficult area to remove all the hair, but Gillette came up trumps. My skin felt smooth, and was the cleanest it has looked in a long time. As I was performing this action, I rinsed off the head of the razor often.

The final test was my legs. I wet them, and applied the gel, and then powered on the razor. I can honestly say that I didn’t feel a thing. It almost felt as if it was coming off on it’s own. There was no rubbing against the skin, nicking of the skin, or very little contact. I am not sure if the layer of Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel shielded it, but I couldn’t feel a thing.

It does state on their website that if you have difficult hair, then as well as going with the hair, you can use the razor against the hair, for a closer shave. I didn’t have to do this as it worked great first time.

A little more about the razor from their website:
“The new Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ Power Razor has re-engineered blades with edges that are thinner than Fusion. They are finished with Gillette’s most advanced low-resistance coating, which allows the blades to glide effortlessly through hair. Providing incredible comfort, even if you shave everyday.”

There are 5 blades in the cartridge and it has it’s own lubrastrip too. The razor is silver, black, gray, and blue. It has a really good rubber grip to it, so no fear of it sliding, or moving once you have started shaving.

Len hasn’t even seen it, and he isn’t going to. This is my razor, and I am loving it.

Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Power

I admit I’m a sucker for new Gillette Razors. The SuperBowl for me entails losing five hundred bucks on the underdog and catching a glimpse of Gillette’s newest innovations in men’s shaving during the commercials between the first and second quarter. When the Mach 3 Turbo came out in red, I was at CVS before halftime. But now the Mach 3 has given way to Gillette Fusion. And I’m here to tell ya, it’s worth the bucks.

I am none too thrilled with the whole powered razor craze. I think it’s just a gimmick to sell more razors and batteries. I like to shave the old-fashioned way, using just my right hand and a well-designed razor. The Gillette Fusion is just that. I purchased both the Gillette Fusion and the Gillette Fusion Power just to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t notice much of a difference at all between the final shave, batteries or no batteries. The powered Fusion vibrates, which I found uncomfortable, even if it did eliminate the slight pull on my face when using the unpowered Fusion. I suppose it’s a matter of personal preference, so you might want to try them both, then decide.

The Gillette Fusion is exciting because it boasts five blades for regular shaving and a lone sixth on the back for use on difficult areas like under the nose and sideburns. It also contains more densely packed microfins under the blades to help whiskers stand up to aid a cleaner, closer shave. The Gillette Power also boasts an eight minute automatic shutoff feature, a low battery warning light and an easy-to-open, easy-to-close battery compartment.

The lone blade on the back is improvement enough on Gillette’s past products to warrant the purchase of a Gillette Fusion. Any man who has struggled with the stubborn hairs on his upper lip will agree. If I had a nickel for every time I notice an errant hair in the rearview mirror of my car at a red light and cursed myself for missing it, I’d have a hell of a nickel collection. The lone blade on the back of the Gillette Fusion helps reduce that concern, maneuvering deftly in those hard to reach places.

Another improvement on the Gillette razor is that the aloe and soap strip on the top of the cartridge lasts significantly longer than it did on Gillette’s previous versions. The strip serves as an indicator of when it’s time to replace the blades. Longer life on each cartridge will more than make up for the cost of the new razor.

The new Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Power are both stylish and effective. So, whether you’re a power guy, or a non-power guy, I recommend you give the Gillette Fusion a try.

Gillette Clean and Refreshing Shampoo Review

My husband used to always use cheap shampoo. For example he would either buy VO5 or Suave. When we were shopping at Wal-Mart we started talking about the fact that it took a large dollop of these brands to really get your hair clean. I told him that he should try something new and see what he thought. We went to the aisle with all of the varieties of shampoos and conditioners. There is a huge selection for women, but there are fewer for men. We started comparing the scent of the products in the aisle and my husband came across Gillette Clean and Refreshing Shampoo. He decided that this was the one he wanted to try because he loved the scent. We purchased the bottle of shampoo and took it home.

That night when he was washing his hair in the shower he used the Gillette shampoo. He said that while he was lathering up he noticed a cooling sensation. This is because of the mint and menthol that is in the shampoo. It actually leaves your hair feeling very refreshed and clean. After he got out of the shower, I decided to see how his hair smelled. It did smell like the shampoo. His hair smelled of both menthol and mint. It had an excellent smell, but it also made his hair feel very soft and clean. This is a great shampoo for any guy.

I personally love the bottle design because it is a nice manly blue color with simple but effective writing. Everything you need to know about the product is right on the bottle. All you have to do is read it. It tells you that the shampoo has mint, but you have to read the back where the ingredients are to find out that there is menthol in it. You can also read that the product is made in the United States on the back.

If you are a man looking for a great shampoo that will make you feel invigorated while efficiently cleaning your hair, this is a great product for you to try. It is affordable because it actually costs around five dollars for the bottle, but do not let the price steer you away from it. It is worth every penny for it and you will be amazed at how good you will feel when you use it. Ladies, buy this for the man in your life. He will not only love the product, but he will love you for having him try something new.

Gillette Brings Laser Hair Removal Home

Gillette must have finally realized just how much women hate shaving. Seeing the rising trend of women (and men) opting to have permanent laser hair removal treatments done by salons on various areas of their bodies, Gillette and Palomar Medical Technologies are spearheading research that will bring an at-home laser hair removal treatment device to the market soon. Palomar, which already develops professional laser equipment for salons, has been given the go-ahead by the FDA to market their device to the general public.

So, why is this such a big deal? After all, there are already several devices on the market that claim to enable consumers to remove hair by laser at home. The difference between those devices and the new one by Palomar, which spent three years working on the device, is that the other devices have never been approved by the FDA.

While the device will only be released in limited test runs over this year, those in the beauty industry wonder if the device will eventually impact sales of popular over-the-counter products such as razors and cream-based depilatories. The answer to this question will ultimately depend on the product’s success at effectively removing hair and just how difficult and time consuming the process is.

Currently, salon laser hair removal treatments range in prices from $400 to $1000 per treatment, depending on the area to be treated and where in the U.S. the salon is located. In order for the laser to successfully remove the hair permanently, a patient may need three or more treatments. These numbers have made the process cost prohibitive to many who would want nothing more than to permanently rid themselves of unsightly hair.

However, enabling consumers to buy an over-the-counter device will not only lessen the price of the treatment as there will be no need for technicians, but it will also allow those who are a bit more timid about stripping down to their skivvies in a salon to complete the procedure in the privacy of their home.

Of course, like at-home waxing, many who can afford salon treatment will continue to go with trained professionals in order to save themselves the work that the device will no doubt involve. After all, some areas are definitely harder to reach than others, making it easier for a second party to treat those areas.

Palomar is also in talks with Johnson & Johnson to use this new at-home laser technology to target wrinkles and cellulite. As for the hair removal device, however, there’s no word on when the device will have its official launch date.