Gillette Fusion and Gillette Series Shaving Gel Review

For most men, shaving is an uncomfortable chore that must be done daily. If you’re anything like me, you dread the thought of it, because you have a thick beard and sensitive skin. My skin is very, very sensitive. I always get razor burn. I’m sure it has a lot to do with how thick my beard is, as well. I will easily go through two disposable razors in one shave. Especially if I have not shaved in a couple days. I decided to try Gillette Fusion shaving gel, because it is supposed to be extra moisturizing for men with sensitive skin. Gillette Fusion contains aloe and cocoa butter.

After my first shave with Gillette Fusion, I have to admit it works pretty well. I wouldn’t say that it “moisturized” my face, but it helped. I mean, I still used a moisturizing aftershave to sooth the burn a little. I will say, though, that it made shaving more comfortable than usual. It certainly does not make shaving an enjoyable experience, but making the act of shaving even slightly less insufferable is a difficult feat unto itself. It seemed that when I was shaving with the Gillette Fusion shaving gel, my razor slid across my skin more easily than normal. The razor burn was still there, but not as bad as it normally is.

I also tried Gillette Series ultra-moisturizing shaving gel. Gillette Series is sort of like the lesser expensive alternative to Gillette fusion. It doesn’t have aloe or cocoa butter. Actually, it consists mostly of ingredients that I’ve never heard of before, but I won’t hold that against it. If it works, it works. To be perfectly honest, there isn’t much difference between Gillette Series and Gillette Fusion, as far as results are concerned. If I were to be extremely nit-picky, I would say that I like Fusion a little bit better, but depending on where you shop it can cost up to $2.00 more per 7oz bottle. Not really worth it if you ask me.

I decided to try some generic, moisturizing shaving gels and creams, as well. Again, there is a pretty big price difference between the generic stuff and Gillette, so I figured it would be worth a shot to try them out. They didn’t really compare. They were not bad, per se, they just were not that much better than ordinary shaving creams. I think I am going to stick with Gillette Series. At least as long as I stick to shaving. Like I said before, it doesn’t make shaving enjoyable, it just makes it a little less unpleasant.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor Review

I’ve had the same replaceable-head razor for several years now. The thought of switching never occurred to me. Until I received a free Gillette Venus Embrace Razor through a women’s forum I belong to. Since it was free, I decided to try it out.

The Gillette Venus Embrace is one of 6 types of razors Gillette has in the Venus line. There’s also the Breeze, Vibrance, Divine, Disposables and the original Venus. We’re just going to focus on the Embrace.

The Embrace is touted as Gillette’s first 5-blade razor for women. A “Ribbon of Moisture” on the head is to provide smooth gliding while it’s flexibility is supposed to allow you to hug every curve. The end result should be “dramatically smooth” skin.

I was rather skeptical that it would be any better than the razor I was used to, and the fact that it has 5 blades merely made me think “oh boy, more blades to get cut by!” It’s flexible, pivoting head seemed to move much too easily to provide a good shaving pressure.

Lo and behold, I was happily surprised by it’s performance. Since I have certain sensitivities, I only use soap to shave with. This worked very well with the Venus Embrace. The moisture strip (“ribbon of moisture”) completely surrounded the blades and I could tell it was providing extra protection in addition to the soap.

The flexibility of the head did not hinder the razor’s shaving performance like I thought it might. Applying normal pressure, you can still feel it on your skin like any other razor. The pivoting head does indeed allow the razor to go over the natural curves of your body with ease. You don’t have to stop and reapproach the area from another angle to prevent cutting yourself. Just gently run the Venus Embrace through each curve in one swipe. This makes shaving your legs so much easier!

The soft grip handle is a nice little feature too. It feels like silicone rubber, fits in the hand well and provides an excellent grip for shaving.

Since this is the first one, I haven’t had to buy refill cartridges yet. They are available in 4 or 8 count packages and can be found at most major grocery or drug stores. Based on my first trial run, I’m definitely going to continue using this razor!

Gillette Fusion Proglide Review

We, as consumers buy most of our products based on what the commercial advertisement tells us. Most people know that you can not believe everything you hear or see in those ads. That is why more and more people are turning to reading reviews on products through the internet. I have bought products that the advertisement on television made it look perfect, when it was far from it. I did purchase a new product for my husband called the”Gillette Fusion Proglide”. The first time he used it he loved it. He will not use any other brand of razor. Ladies it always works really great on the legs and armpits. Hey, I had to try it out too.

I purchased this product at Wal-mart. I have seen it at just about every retail or drug store, so if you are not a big fan of Wal-mart you can get it else where. The price was fairly reasonable for a razor. Before tax it only cost $8.98. They produce a manual and a power razor. The power razor comes with a battery, which you do not see anymore. Most products have in small, fine letters “batteries not included”. As for the cartridges though it only supplies you with 1 extra. The new Proglide razor does come with thinner blades so it gives you an incredible comfort while shaving.

These are a few of their new features on the Gillette Fusion Proglide: an advanced low-resistance blade coating, improved blade suspension system, 25% larger Lubrastrip, streamlined comfort guard, and innovative micro comb – only on the power razor.

The Gillette Fusion Proglide razor is running a special promotion right now. A chance to win a free Proglide razor. The contest is good up until August 21, 2010. All you have to do is text the word “Gillette” to 639666. Only 1 text per day, but you can text everyday until the above date. They are giving away a razor a day. Good luck to you if you enter.

The overall review of the Gillette Fusion Proglide is that it gets a thumbs up from us. I would suggest that you should buy it and see for yourself. It really does an excellent job. My husbands face has never felt that smooth and moisturized compared to the other brand of razors he has used in the past. This product has our satisfaction guaranteed.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor Review

I probably would have never bought this Gillette razor since it seems to be marketed mainly to men but it appeared in my mailbox as a sample addressed to my husband. My husband uses an electric razor so he was never going to use it. I figured it was free so I would give it a try.

Description and Comparison to the Venus Razor

Wow, am I ever sold on this razor. I have been using Venus razors for years and have never thought about switching although I was a bit unhappy with them. My main problem was that while they gave a close shave when new, if I switched to a new blade I was always cutting myself around the ankle or knee. Consequently I would end up using the old blade in fear of switching to the new one.

The Gillette Fusion Proglide looked like the same deal as my Venus Razor but with 5 blades and at first I was terrified to use it, imagining all the cuts that I would get with those blades. Well finally my Venus razor was so dull I needed something so I brought it in the shower to give it a try.

My Experience with the Razor

I usually use soap and water when I shave my legs so I did the same thing. This razor has a little strip that is supposed to help lubricate but I have never found those sufficient so I soaped up a leg and went at it. One swipe was all I needed and after I finished around my ankles with no visible wounds I decided to try the knees. I was able to shave both my legs without really being any more careful than I was with my old razor and got no cuts. Feeling brave I did under my arms and again a clean shave with no cuts.

I guess this means I will now be buying this razor to shave my legs! The razor takes refills so I will definitely be purchasing more of them. The only thing that I had wished was that the razor came with a cover for the blade so that I could put it in my make up case without cutting myself when I am traveling.

Compared to my old Venus Razor, the Gillette Fusion Proglide does the job in about a quarter of the time with no cuts. I always had to go over areas twice with the Venus Razor but this one gets everything in one pass.

I am so glad that I got a sample of this great razor and would recommend it to any lady looking for a close shave with no cuts.

Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream Review

Money’s been a little tight around my house lately, so like a lot of consumers, I’ve been trying to use up various products I have lying around my house instead of going out and buying new ones. I ran out of my normal shaving cream recently, but when I looked in my bathroom closed I found a can of Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream that I had received for free as part of an in-store promotion when I bought a new razor a few months earlier. Normally, I prefer shaving cream that comes in a tube or a tub instead of a can, but in the spirit of being frugal, I decided I would use the Gillette shaving cream before purchasing any more.

The first thing I noticed about the Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream was that it came out of the can as a thick gel instead of a fluffy foam like other shaving creams I’ve tried. I liked this as I prefer a thicker shaving product. As I applied the Gillette Fusion shaving cream to my face, it lathered up quickly and had a slightly cool sensation. The Gillette product definitely lathered up thinner than my usual shaving cream, and at first I wasn’t sure I liked that since that is what I switched to a more expensive shaving product in the first place.

As I began to shave, I noticed the Gillette Fusion cream seemed to work very well with my Fusion razor (which makes sense since they’re both made by the same company). My razor seemed to slide across my skin easier than with my normal shaving product, and it definitely rinsed off of my razor easier in between shaving strokes. Once I was done shaving, I noticed that it felt like I got a closer shave with the Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream than my normal shaving cream. My skin also felt refreshingly moisturized, whereas my normal shaving cream leaves my skin feeling a little dry when I am done.

In the end, I really liked the Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream, and would highly recommend it to other men. It provided a close and comfortable shaving experience, and I didn’t have to use a lot of the shaving cream to cover my face, so the can ended up lasting a very long time. Plus, the Gillette Fusion shaving cream is definitely cheaper than my normal shaving product, and anything that I can do to save money right now is alright in my book. Gillette Fusion HydraGel Shaving Cream can be found at pharmacies, groceries, and mass market retailers like Target and Wal-Mart nationwide. For more information about the Gillette Fusion product line, visit the website listed in the resources section of this article.

Gillette’s Venus Breeze Razor: Good or a Disappointment?

Gillette’s newest razor, the Venus Breeze, breeze or bust, you decide. Description: Color :Light purple. Length from handle to razor head: 6″. Razor head measurements: 1 3/4″ by 1 1/2″ It has shaving gel built into its 3 blade head, and also has conditioning strips. Extremely light weight and ergonomically friendly with its rubberized gripping handle.

Cost: Lets be real, if we like a razor, the cost really doesn’t come that much into play, but those who need to know.. $8-$10 depending on where you live, for the razor itself. Refill cartridges run just over $20 for a package of 8.

First thoughts: No need for shaving gel? I could get used to that, think of all the time I can save in the shower. I loved the fact that it wasn’t nearly as heavy as my previous razor, and of course, with its light purple color I wouldn’t have to worry about my husband toting it around with him during his weekends out with the boys hunting and fishing. Time to put it to the test, into the shower I go.

Legs: The shaving gel provided on the razor was more than enough to give my legs that nice clean, smooth shave. I found myself double checking all the way, could it really be this easy? At first, yes, until I realized I missed some spots because I didn’t have my shaving gel on my legs to mark where I had already shaved and where I hadn’t. Chalked it up to having to get used to the razor and change my old habits.

Knees: This area was not so easy. The shaving gel didn’t seem to work as well here. Legs straight, it worked fine, but when I bent my knee to get all those other pesky little hairs, the gel just didn’t roll with the razor.

Armpit: This was a disappointment. With the razor head being much wider than your typical razor, it was hard to do. It applied more than enough shaving gel to this area, but just couldn’t get the razor to shave this concave area. I tried many arm positions, straight up, behind my head, stretching back behind me, almost thought I was doing yoga in the shower for a minute, but still had no luck. Ended up having to touch up this area with my ‘other’ razor.

Bikini Area: Perhaps the most important area of all now that summer is upon us. I found that it performed excellent in the main, not to close to the legs area, but as I progressed, the razor didn’t. Trying to get in close anywhere with this razor is nearly impossible with its larger razor head, and don’t even think that you are going to shave it all off! You need precisive movements here, and you just can’t achieve this with this razor.

Arms: Yes, I really do shave my arms! I found this was a very easy task to do with this razor. Was I getting used to it? Not really, I discovered that it was just because I could see my arms better than my legs. It worked great, picked up all the little fine hairs that are usually harder to shave. Once again, I found it did a good job in this area, but like the knees, had trouble around the elbow.

First use impression: The Venus Breeze made light work of shaving legs and arms, but the other tasks were difficult. The gel was a pleasant fruity smell that left my legs and arms feeling soft and smooth. The gel however, being applied as I was showering and shaving, made the handle slippery. I found myself having to rinse the handle off so I wouldn’t drop it. More than willing to give it another try though, because it did perform very well in certain areas.

Final impression: After a few attempts, I did get used to using this razor. I still had problems shaving the armpits and bikini area though. Just can’t get it to perform in tight places. The shaving gel on the razor only lasted for 4 shaving sessions, with gel that was never used hanging on the back of it, though the blades still worked perfectly. You can break off the shaving gel strips, but it will still leave you with a larger than normal razor head, measuring 5/8″ high versus the typical 1/2″. May not seem like much, but once again, its alot if you are shaving those delicate areas.

I personally wouldn’t use this razor again for myself unless I was traveling somewhere in the winter where I wouldn’t have to worry about my bikini area or my arm pits. However, I think that this would be a great ‘first time’ razor for my daughters when it is time for them to shave their legs. I think the shaving gel already being on there would make them apt not to apply as much pressure, and would help them avoid those first time nicks and cuts. Besides, who knows, maybe in there young, flexible state, they could get it to work for their armpits too, but this momma just isn’t that flexible!

Gillette’s Mach 3 Review

Right before Thanksgiving, I received a sample of Gillette’s Mach 3 razor in the mail. In the past, I have used many Gillette products for grooming. I remember using the double edge for the first time years ago. It did a very good job. Many razors were copied from that design.

Lately, I have been using the Bic razor as well as some cheap razors from Dollar General. The reason is cost and disposable.

However, I decided to give the Gillette Mach 3 a go. I discovered that it did two things very well that I liked. First, it gave me one of the closest shaves that I have ever had. Second, it delivered a very fast shave. I was able to quickly cut in hard places around my face. I found that I could shave in a lot faster than when I used other razors.

It is called the Disposable Jetable for a reason. It is easy to get rid of and provide for a fast shave.

The handle that is on the razor is curved with finger grips on it. The blade itself will slightly swivel as you shave your face. This allows for easy access to hard to reach areas like around the nose and lips.

Another quality that I liked was the comfort it provided. There was no nicks or scratches. Many times when I shave, it is very easy to get a nick here or there. With the Gillette Mach 3, that did not happen.

I have used the same blade now for five days. I am going to see how many shaves that I can get out of it before I switch blades. Most disposable razors that I use are good for about four to five shaves.

Along with my free sample came several coupons for other Gillette products. You can learn more about Gillette products at their web site

Like many men, a close and smooth shave is very important to me. Many times I am in a hurry in the morning. I need to get in and out of the bathroom quickly. The Gillette Trac 3 provides that opportunity.

Gillette Venus Embrace, Fusion Power, and Gillette Series and Satin Care Shave Gels

Gillette Venus Embrace & Satin Care Gel

The new Gillette Venus Embrace promises “dramatically smoother skin.” Both our adult and teen testers agree this five blade razor delivers on that promise and then some. Our teen tester says this benefit and the lack of bumps or irritation after shaving is why she prefers the Embrace over her usual disposable brands. Our adult tester is accustomed to another Venus model but preferred the Embrace’s “ribbon of moisture” that surrounds the blades and the grippable gel material handle. Easy shower storage was a plus for both ladies. A suction cup “pod” snuggly grips the shower wall for safe, convenient storage of the razor itself, as well as new refill cartridges. The refills are tightly sealed but easy to open, even in wet conditions. Our adult tester finds the new Satin Care Alluring Avocado shave gel to have a “delicious scent” of jasmine and citrus blossoms, while our teen tester chose to stay with a product she already uses, Satin Care’s Vanilla Dream. No need to shake the can – both dispense as a creamy gel and quickly turn to a rich, moisturizing lather. Our testers highly recommend the Embrace and the Satin Care gel for the smoothest, softest legs ever.

Gillette Fusion Power & Gillette Series Gel

Our adult male tester says the Gillette Fusion Power is the best disposable he has ever used, giving the best overall shave and smoothness of any he has tried. He backs up Gillette’s claims that shavers will “barely feel the blades” in its Fusion Power and that it gives Gillette’s “most comfortable shave.” Our tester agrees the battery powered 5-blade razor gives the soothing sensation of a costly electric version. He also loves the comfortably shaped handle but was most impressed by the cool bonus feature, a built-in trimmer on the back of the blade, perfect for sideburns and other difficult areas. Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Shave Gel is our tester’s usual product of choice, so this is what he is using with his new Fusion. He says he finds this gel to be better at keeping his skin from feeling overly dry after shaving and protects better from the razor burn he is prone to getting with other creams and gels. With this dynamic combo, our smooth and smiling gentleman says he has achieved a close and comfortable shave that has lasted longer than his old standard razor has ever given.

We find the Gillette Fusion to be about $12 for one razor, one 5-blade cartridge, and one battery. Gillette Series gel 7oz cans average $3 each. Average prices are also $12 for the Embrace with a shower pod and 2 cartridges and $3 for the 7oz Satin Care gel. Our testers all agree that the men’s and women’s series from Gillette are well worth these affordable prices for such the close shave and deeply moisturizing comfort they have found. All products can be purchased locally at Walgreens and Wal-Mart, as well as

Gillette Venus Disposables Versus Schick Intuition Razors

Finding a good razor is harder than it seems. A bad razor can leave you with irritation, cuts, patches of missed hair, and even stubble from not having a close enough shave . Bad razors, therefore, often require you to shave twice as frequently as a good razor would. Two very popular and highly advertised razor brands that I have tried are Gillette Venus Disposables and Schick Intuition.

Gillette Venus Disposables are advertised for their smooth, clean shave and flexible head that conforms to your curves. Unlike most shaving products, everything that has been advertised about them I have found to be true. They are very easy to use, with their rubber, easy to hold handles. The handles are shaped so that they easily conform to your hands. The sides have rubber no-slip grips on the sides to avoid dropping them in the shower, and to keep them from slipping mid-shave and causing those dreaded cuts.

The pivoting head, however, is perhaps the best feature of Gillette Venus Disposables. It makes shaving along curves and tricky areas a breeze. Stiff-headed razors make places such as armpits, knees, and bikini lines a nightmare, you are almost guaranteed to come away with some nicks. The Gillette Venus razor heads bend as you move along your curves and creases, allowing smooth streaks of shaving with no cuts. Another thing that helps this is the moisture strip which protects your skin and decreases irritation.

The Gillette Venus Disposables also offer a very clean shave. It has three razor blades, and allows you to get a close shave without the nicks and burns. Though they are disposables, they are very durable. Usually one will last about 3-4 weeks, which is much longer than most razors I have used. And, they are cheap. A three-pack will cost you about 6-8 dollars, which is a great deal.

If you plan on traveling with these razors, they do come with a slip on plastic cover. But, they do not stay on very well, which can be irritating when packing or unpacking. They are also a pain to find when they have come off in the bath/shower. But, overall they are a great deal.

Another razor that I have tried, but without as much success, is the Schick Intuition. The popular thing about these razors is that they come with a built in moisturizing bar, which helps to make shaving much quicker and less painful. They even have different types of soap refills, including one for sensitive skin, which I personally like. The problem with the attached soap bar, however, is that it makes the head of the razor much bigger and can make shaving more difficult when going over small areas (behind the knees, around the ankles, etc.). For all other areas, though, it provides a very smooth, lasting shave.

The greatest downside about the Schick Intuition razors is that they do not last very long. For me, one of these razors will usually last about a week, maybe a week and a half, if I’m lucky. This would not be such a problem, however, if only they were not so expensive. Usually you can buy a Schick Intuition razor with a spare attachment for 9-10 dollars, and the replacement packs of 3 cost a little more. While they are very convenient to change, it is easy to run out of them quickly. You usually need to have some shaving cream for back up, just in case.

If money is not really an issue for you, and you are looking for a very fast and easy shaving method, or just trying to avoid shaving creams, then the Schick Intuition razors are great for getting the job done. But, on the whole, the Venus Gillette Disposables are much more affordable and reliable.

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit: Perfect Razor for Sensitive Skin

Summertime is all about fun, sun, travel and the beach, but for many women, it can also mean razor burn, cuts and irritation from all the shaving that is necessary during the warm weather. If you’re frustrated by nicks, bumps and rash that occur when shaving your arms, legs and the delicate bikini area, I feel your pain. I have very sensitive skin and for years I searched for a razor that would remove unwanted hair without irritation and frankly, my usual razor (Schik Silk Effects) didn’t cut it anymore. I decided to try the Gillette Venus Bikini Razor Kit, and I’m so glad I did. Gillette Venus Bikini Kit exceeded my expectations and gave me the smooth close shave I desired without any painful cuts or burns.

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit Perfect Razor for Sensitive Skin

This summer, I was looking for a razor that would give me a close shave for hot weather without the usual headaches of nicks, burns and painful skin irritation. My usual razor of choice (Schik Silk Effects) was kind to my skin but just not giving me a close enough shave anymore, and it didn’t really work for the sensitive bikini area. So I roamed the aisles of my local Wal-Mart scanning the women’s razors until one in particular caught my eye: Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. I was a bit skeptical that Gillette Venus Bikini Kit would work for my sensitive skin, but I purchased it anyway and tried it out at home.

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit contains three separate products bundled together that all complement each other to remove hair and create a smooth look for bikini-ready bare skin: the Venus Embrace razor, the Venus Bikini Trimmer and Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion. Shaving with the Venus Embrace razor included in the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit is the first step toward becoming bikini ready. In all my years of shaving, Venus Embrace is hands down the best razor I have ever used.

This razor has five blades for the closest shave possible and I appreciated the protective moisture ribbon which seems to make the Venus Embrace glide effortlessly across the skin. In no time at all, I removed unwanted hair from my legs, arms and bikini area very efficiently with Venus Embrace and there were no unwanted cuts, scratches or razor burns. I like the way the razor fits in my hand and how the head pivoted to reach those hard to shave places.

The Venus Bikini Trimmer is step two of the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. I was a bit doubtful about this part of the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit, fearing this trimmer would tear or cut my skin as it removed unwanted hair on and around the bikini line. But there were no worries as Venus Bikini Trimmer gently glided over my bikini area, quickly removing undesired hair better than scissors or a razor.

The final step to bikini ready summer skin is Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion, bundled with the other two products in the Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. I didn’t really feel like I needed to moisturize after the close but pain free shave and trim, but it’s nice that Gillette Venus Bikini Kit offered this product with the hair removal tools. Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion soothed and moisturized my shaved skin and left me feeling ready to bare myself for bikinis and those revealing summer fashions.

Where to Buy Gillette Venus Bikini Kit

Gillette Venus Bikini Kit is available at drugstores and grocery stores nationwide, and I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for $8.94. It is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time and well worth the money. I can’t believe such an outstanding product like Gillette Venus Bikini Kit costs less than ten dollars.

If you have sensitive skin and want to be bikini ready for the summer season, consider Gillette Venus Bikini Kit. This amazing product will have you ready to bare your skin in no time at all, without the hassle of unwanted nicks, cuts and razor irritation.